The Mantle A Woman Carries

Arise, women of God. We were born for a time such as this.

Do not forsake that which you have within you. Do not forget what you mean to God. You are precious, a gem, and God is so proud of how far you’ve come.

Many times, as women, we find ourselves struggling with the troubles that life throws at us. We begin to feel inadequate, unworthy, hopeless and we start to doubt ourselves. We all have our daily struggles. On top of that, we have a battlefield in our mind where we need to fight the devil’s lies which he so often tries to plant. We carry so much on our shoulders: being a mother, a wife, sometimes the only breadwinner or the only parent for your children. The load gets heavier and heavier and there are times when we just can’t anymore.

Women, I need you to understand that you are uniquely chosen by God. You carry the Mantle of Prayer. Something powerful happens when a woman of God goes on her knees and speaks to God. When you find yourself in a position where you can’t utter a word, cry before God if you have to, but give it all to the One who created you.

Go to your inner room, pray for that dead situation and speak life into it. Pray for your husband, pray for your marriage that’s under attack, pray for your broken family, pray, pray PRAY!

Get into your best position – on your knees – and PRAY!

Published by Thoughts by Shantell

Christian blogger. Young and married. Lioness on the rise.

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