Gender Based Violence

I was recently asked to share my thoughts for a campaign against Gender Based Violence in South Africa.

Below I share my thoughts…

”I am a young woman, born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. From beautiful scenery, unique combining cultures, to exquisite cuisines and unique talents. Our country has a lot to offer, but a dark cloud covers it.

Every year, the statistics of Gender Based Violence rises. To be a woman living in South Africa takes a lot out of you. It’s heartbreaking to know that we are the future; we are the ones who bring forth life, yet we are the ones being killed.

I dream of a life where, us as women, do not have to continually look over our shoulders; to not have to walk in ‘groups’, or to wear clothing that covers our entire body, because showing legs might turn guys on. I dream of being free, happy, to live a life not scared or worried, thinking ‘am I next?’.

I remember on 5 September 2019, almost a year ago, South African women fought back against Gender Based Violence through a protest. It was the most beautiful thing to see how women stood together and raised their voices.

A year has gone by, and the statistics has doubled. It saddens me, but it is a reality that we need to face. Our country needs prayer. Now, more than ever before, we need to fight this battle. I am reminded of the quote ”United we stand, divided we fall”, we need to be there for one another and not turn a blind eye for the truth.

We need to teach our sisters and daughters to stand their ground, to know how to say ‘NO’, to speak up no matter how difficult it might be. We need to teach our daughters that coming home from a failed marriage is better than coming home in a coffin.

May we keep rising, may we keep fighting, may we keep praying and having faith, that one day this dark cloud might disappear.

May God bless Africa, and it’s precious daughters.” – Shantell Plaatjies

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Christian blogger. Young and married. Lioness on the rise.

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