Be Unashamed

‘’Everywhere – from east to west – praise the name of the Lord.’’ – Psalms 113:3 NLT

On our honeymoon trip in Phuket, Thailand; there was a time where my husband just kept on singing gospel songs and calling on the name of Jesus (loud in the streets and people were staring at us!).

I have no idea why I kind of cringed; maybe it was because of the fact that we are in a foreign country and by the looks of if, they seem very strict on their country rules. The majority of population does not worship Jesus Christ. They also have a certain way of worshiping.

To be honest, when you are in a foreign country, you basically just want to stick to all the rules and make sure you stay 100% out of trouble!

Somehow this whole scene stuck with me and while I was having Bible study one evening, I came across this scripture in Psalms 113:3 and it made me realize that we should never be ashamed of the Gospel.

No matter where we are or where we go, we carry God’s spirit within us and it cannot be hidden. We should never be ashamed to praise God or call out His mighty name.

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