The Cost of Your Anointing

To succeed and remain on the path and purpose God has set out for you will cost you friendships, your old self, and many materialistic things that you thought might have been important.

To be fully sold out for Christ will cost you many things, but nothing beats the price and quality of renewed oil – a fresh anointing.

Sometimes the process of finding your purpose seems a bit difficult or maybe you already know what your purpose is but you’re struggling to get into your position and put things in action.

Sometimes your gift is not the easiest and it seems that God places you in difficult situations and that you are not strong enough to do the will of God or use the gift that God has given you; take courage that God would not have given it to you if He knew that you cannot handle it.

Whether you are called to help the brokenhearted, prophesy, lay hands, preach the Gospel, etc. – things will not be easy but doing it for God will always be worth it.

Continue carrying your mantle. It was given to you by God. Remain humble, authentic, and powerful.

It will cost you a lot to be devoted to God, but the reward will be great.

Remember that an olive needs to be crushed before the oil comes. Your pain will produce your anointing.

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Christian blogger. Young and married. Lioness on the rise.

8 thoughts on “The Cost of Your Anointing

  1. This is my story, the cost of the anointing is remarkably high, but we must continue to choose Christ above everything else. Thank you for reminding us to stay true to the calling of God in our lives.


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