Ebenezer “Thus far the LORD has helped us” (1 Samuel 7:12)

God was there in the valley, and He was present at the mountain top. His grace has carried us.

Today I want to reflect on my own life and share with you how I have experienced God’s grace.

When the year started, I had a little setback concerning my health, and for a split second, it made me doubt if I was even going to make it to my birthday. When I look back today, I am reminded of how thankful I was to celebrate my birthday in February this year. All of a sudden, I was thankful for all the little things, and I could only praise God for sparing me.

I am sure many of us had the same feeling of gratitude when lockdown started and everything looked dark. We all had to remain indoors and hold on to our faith.

Let us end off the year with that same gratitude and faith. Thanking God for still carrying us through a global pandemic.

2020 has been a year of breakthroughs, setbacks, and comebacks, yet we know that every good plan is in the hands of God.

While there are many bad things we can say about this year, let us always choose to look at the positive.

I say this with so much compassion in my heart; if all you did this year was survive; I want to tell you that I am proud of you.

I proud of you for not giving up. I am proud of you for fighting those silent battles, for keeping your head held high, and for holding onto hope.

When the year started, we made many plans and we quickly had to learn that though we make plans, God makes the final decision. (Proverbs 16:9)

In a time of festivity and many temptations that come along with this season, do not allow the world to change your perspective on the meaning of Christmas.

Many of us lost loved ones, many of us are facing a dark and lonely Christmas. Let us always keep in mind those suffering, and may it never slip our minds how gracious God has been throughout this entire year, now is not the time to turn our back on God.

He has carried us thus far, and by grace, He will continue carrying us.

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Christian blogger. Young and married. Lioness on the rise.

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