Where Is The Love?

Love is the one thing that unites all human existence. Love is powerful and precious, it inspires, encourages, and brings light. After a month of resting, and remaining in the sacred place, I took out my pen and started writing again. Before writing I had a conversation with God, my question was ‘’Lord what canContinue reading “Where Is The Love?”

Marriage: Before I Do

Now I know that I am still young in marriage and that I still have FOREVER to learn. But I want to share my knowledge and experience with young couples and soon to be married. Four months before I got married, the question that everyone asked was ‘’are you keeping your surname?’’, and I wasContinue reading “Marriage: Before I Do”

Prayer of Repentance

Do you want to accept Jesus Christ into your life today? No matter how far gone you feel, there is space for you at the table of the Lord. If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your savior, say the following prayer: Lord, I come humbly before you. I love you, and I needContinue reading “Prayer of Repentance”